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Kenya safari: wildlife holiday


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Kenya safari wildlife: Home

Hot-air balloon at sunrise, Masai Mara, Kenya safari wildlifeA hot-air balloon is silhouetted against an African sky as a new day dawns over the Masai Mara. Discover just how much a Kenya safari wildlife holiday can offer you...

Kenya has a magnificent climate and landscape - part of which rests on the equator - making for a land of astounding contrast. There are snow-capped mountains, such as Mount Kenya, Africa's second largest mountain after Mount Kilimanjaro in neighbouring Tanzania. The waterfalls and lush tropical forests of Aberdare National Park provide a welcome relief from the arid open plains of Samburu and Kenya's north-eastern region. If that isn't enough, visitors can bask in the sunshine on the palm-fringed white beaches of the Coast Province.

Most visitors to Kenya experience this extraordinary contrast by spending a few days on the coast, bathing in the warm, tranquil waters of the Indian Ocean, before venturing inland for that quintessential of African experiences: the Kenya safari. Wildlife in Kenya is astounding; particularly in the Masai Mara, home of the big five - elephant, buffalo, rhinoceros, lion, leopard - as well as hippos, crocodiles and the now endangered cheetah. Birds and wildlife are as abundant as they are varied and it is a wholly unforgettable experience. Imagine being surrounded by thousands of wildebeest and zebra, thundering along like a great train towards greener pastures. This is their Great Annual Migration. It is both humbling and mystifying.

But there's much more to a safari in Kenya than just game drives. Safari lodges themselves are superb for wildlife viewing while you enjoy your lunch between game drives. Lodges and camps are usually located beside rivers, which lure all sorts of wildlife to drink and bathe. Safari lodge activities are quite unique, what with invitations to silver-service bush dinners; night game drives to track the leopard; bush picnics and Maasai dancing. Discover all the secrets of Kenya safaris and more in the photo-illustrated Kenya safari wildlife holiday travelogue.

All information for Kenya travel can be found on this web site, including visa requirements, jabs and the best malaria tablets for Kenya. From thrill-seekers looking for excitement and adventure, to sun-worshippers planning a relaxing beach holiday - a Kenya vacation has it all.

Whether you're planning a beach holiday in Kenya, wildlife safari, or a Kenya beach - safari combo, you will discover plenty of information here to help with your preparations. Perhaps you're unsure about which game reserve(s) to visit or maybe you're just wondering when is the best time to travel to Kenya?

Begin by reading about my personal holiday in Kenya (you'll be booking your flight before you can say 'where's the Diocalm?';)

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