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Beach accommodation

Beach accommodation in KenyaSunset on Lamu Island, East Coast, Kenya

Imagine waking up to the sound of the surf gently lapping the shore. You step outside to enjoy a fresh Kenyan coffee in the shade of your verandah and you're greeted by a glistening blue ocean. Apart from the odd fisherman, the beach is yours to enjoy a quiet morning stroll. The sun is warm on your skin and the white powdery sand cools the soles of your feet as you amble along the shoreline of the Indian Ocean. The clear, lukewarm water offers a refreshing swim before heading off to join your friends for breakfast... If this sounds like nothing more than a dream, then it's high time you took a real beach holiday in Kenya.

Kipungani Explorer - Lamu Island, East Coast, Kenya

Beach huts, Kipungani Explorer, Lamu Island, East Coast, Kenya

Verandah, Kipungani Explorer, Lamu Island, East Coast, Kenya

An endless expanse of white deserted sand provides an idyllic location to hide away from the world. These wonderful rustic beach chalets provide fitting accommodation for a beach holiday in Kenya. Nestled on the edge of Lamu Island on the Indian Ocean, their spacious verandahs provide spectacular views of the open ocean and nearby Manda Island. Four-poster bed, Kipungani Explorer, Lamu Island, East Coast, KenyaEach is furnished with handmade tables, chairs and ornaments carved from local mangrove and palm woods by local Kenyans. The beach chalets are designed in Swahili fashion to blend in with their leafy surroundings, though their interiors offer comfort and space. They have kingsize beds, mosquito nets, comfortable sofas, and fresh-water showers. There are no cars on the island of Lamu. The only form of transport is donkey or boat and the pace of life is inevitably slow and relaxed.

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Diamond Beach Village - Manda Island, East Coast, Kenya


Treehouse, Diamond Beach Village, Manda Island, East Coast, KenyaA beach hut or 'banda' of Diamond Beach Village, Manda Island, East Coast, Kenya

These exquisite thatched beach huts or 'bandas' are situated just a few steps away from the Indian Ocean, on one of the beautiful islands of Kenya. They are primitive, compared with some of the luxury accommodation in Kenya, but herein lies their appeal. They are eco-friendly and designed in Swahili tradition, offering a secluded retreat for those seeking a relaxed, peaceful beach holiday, away from the stresses of daily life. Shady hammocks swing under the palm trees of the tropical gardens which surround the six bandas. Beach in KenyaRoof bedroom of a 'banda', Diamond Beach Village, Manda Island, East Coast, KenyaThere is a further surprise, with the option of booking a fully-furnished treehouse! All provide a unique Kenya vacation experience and an alternative to the ubiquitous concrete resort beach accommodation. Diamond Beach Village is located on the island of Manda and provides a boat to transport guests to nearby towns and villages. This includes Lamu Town, rich in culture and history and considered to be the oldest town in East Africa. The pace of life is slow and relaxed on Manda Island due, in part, to the only modes of transport being boats and donkeys.

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