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Coast Province

Map of Coast Province, Kenya
Few people visit Kenya without taking a safari. On the other hand, 95% of Kenya's safari tourists use the coast as a base for their wildlife safari. It is hardly surprising, though, when you consider what is on offer. Its 480km coastline, known as the Coast Province, is home to some of the most beautiful palm-fringed white beaches. It is also an ancient hub of rich and diverse culture and a haven for rare and exotic marine life and wildlife.

As Kenya is situated on the east coast of Africa beside the Indian Ocean, its coastline stretches from north to south. You'll hear locals refer to the 'north coast' of Kenya - the coast north of Mombasa - and the 'south coast' - south of Mombasa, which stretches down to the border with Tanzania.

Places to visit in the Coast Province of Kenya

North Coast


South Coast


North Coast Islands

Lamu Island
Manda Island
Pate Island
Kiwayu Island

South Coast Islands

Wasini Island
Funzi Island
Chale Island
Pemba Island

Mombasa is the second largest town in Kenya. It was a surprise to discover that it is, in fact, an island. *It certainly isn't an island in the conventional sense - like Kenya's secluded islands of bleached sand and palms - as you'll soon discover if you have the pleasure of driving a car through it. Battling gridlocked streets of beat-up cars, slogan-daubed matatus, knackered donkeys pulling carts, kamikaze pedestrians and the odd goat, makes the M25 seem like a mid-west highway.
But if you survive Mombasa's dubious traffic system, you will be rewarded with a labyrinth of bustling streets, curious boutiques and markets, where bartering becomes an art and a shrewd shopper could crack the face of a customs officer.
Then there's the old quarter of Mombasa, oozing history and tales of conquest and defeat.

Kenya has the most exquisite secluded islands and beach accommodation for those seeking even greater refuge. The Lamu Archipelago lies off the north coast of Kenya in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. It mainly comprises of Lamu Island, Manda Island, Pate Island and Kiwayu Island. Not all offer holiday accommodation, but those that do can serve as a holiday in themselves - while the others are certainly deserving of a day trip.

Off the south coast of Kenya lies Wasini Island, Funzi Island, Chale Island and Pemba Island. They are considered a scuba diving paradise and passenger boats operate frequently between them. Most stop half way to allow passengers to swim, go snorkelling or diving before continuing their journey.

The Coast Province affords a relaxed and slow pace of life. But there are plenty of things to do. There are several wildlife and marine parks. Traditional dhows provide fishing excursions and day trips to Kenya's islands, while coral reefs offer safe swimming and play host to a colourful assortment of tropical fish and sea-life. If you know where to go, snorkelling and scuba diving in Kenya is a very memorable experience.

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Have you been to Kenya? Is there a wildlife park or lodge that you would recommend? Write a review here about your 'big five' safari holiday and tell others about your experience - good or bad. Perhaps you know of an excellent budget campsite - or a luxury lodge that should be avoided! Otherwise, feel free to post a question. Let's share our Kenya safari wildlife experiences...

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