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Kenya Visa Requirements

Kenya visa requirements and travel information

Required for UK, Europe, US, Canada, Australia. Not required for South African citizens for a stay of up to 3 months.
Kenya visa cost
$50 (approx)

For other citizens' entry requirements  and a Kenya visa application form, see
Visa Requirements.

Valid for a minimum of 6 months

Flight time (approx)
From London/Amsterdam: 9 hrs

Time difference
GMT: +3 hrs
BST: +2 hrs
current time in Kenya)

Dialling code

Main Languages
Swahili and English

Kenyan Shilling (Ksh)
USD, GBP and Euros are widely accepted and can easily be exchanged for Ksh. Avoid departing Kenya with local currency. Ksh are difficult to exchange.
currency converter

Yellow Fever certificate is required by anyone arriving from an
infected area
Jabs and Malaria


Power supply
220 - 240 volts
50 Hz
Plug: 3 point
rectangular blade
(same as UK)


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Have you been to Kenya? Is there a wildlife park or lodge that you would recommend? Write a review here about your 'big five' safari holiday and tell others about your experience - good or bad. Perhaps you know of an excellent budget campsite - or a luxury lodge that should be avoided! Otherwise, feel free to post a question. Let's share our Kenya safari wildlife experiences...

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