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Kenya Newspaper and Media

Kenya has a diverse and, until recently, a relatively free newspaper and media industry. It often practised self-censorship under the rule of Presidents Kenyatta and Moi, but was still one of the few African nations that enjoyed a certain amount of press freedom.

Kenya President Mwai Kibaki won a landslide election victory in 2002 pledging to fight corruption and increase media freedom. However, recent events have raised serious doubts about this more.


Kenya Newspapers
East African Standard
Daily Nation
Kenya Times
East African


Kenya Radio
State-owned broadcasting stations:
Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC)
Metro FM (KBC)
Coro FM (KBC)
Private broadcasting stations:
Kameme FM
Kiss FM
Capital FM
East FM
Radio Citizen
Inooro FM
Radio Ramogi
Rehema Radio
Easy FM (Nation Media Group)


Kenya Television
State-owned television stations:
Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC)
Metro TV (KBC)


Private television stations:
Kenya Television Network
Stella TV (STV)
Nation TV (Nation Media Group)
Citizen TV
Family TV

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