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Aberdare National Park

Waterfall, Aberdare National Park, KenyaThe Aberdares are a spectacular volcanic range which form the eastern side of the Great Rift Valley. Heavy rainfall throughout the year provides a vital source of water for the region and, as a result, some of the most breathtaking scenery in Kenya. Dramatic gorges and canyons slice through the forested slopes, channeling vast amounts of water across the terrain. Waterfalls cascade from cliffs to form clear, bubbling streams below, which lead to the rivers Tana and Athi.



With several elevated game viewing areas, ground-level hides for close-up wildlife photography, and a buzzer in each room to alert the guests of any special or rare creature's arrival, both lodges below are designed to maximise the visitor's wildlife viewing experience.


  • The Ark
    Resembling the biblical Noah's Ark, this lodge is situated in the heart of Aberdare National Park and draws a host of Kenya's safari wildlife to its floodlit waterhole.
  • Treetops
    Famously built on stilts, Treetops is located in Aberdare National Park beside a waterhole and a salt lick, which attracts animals and birds to drink, bathe and supplement their mineral intake.
  • Aberdare Country Club
    This old colonial-style club has shut down its accommodation operations. This was effective as of August 20, 2006.  All existing client bookings have been transferred to The Ark, its sister treetop lodge (see above). However, Aberdare Country Club will remain open to receive guests at the reception area and to serve lunch for The Ark's resident guests.

Accommodation must be pre-booked. Aberdare National Park frequently closes during the wet season as the roads can turn to mud and a 4x4 is essential year-round due to the damp or wet conditions.

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Have you been to Kenya? Is there a wildlife park or lodge that you would recommend? Write a review here about your 'big five' safari holiday and tell others about your experience - good or bad. Perhaps you know of an excellent budget campsite - or a luxury lodge that should be avoided! Otherwise, feel free to post a question. Let's share our Kenya safari wildlife experiences...

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