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Accommodation in Diani Beach

This path, only several yards long, led to white, powdery sand and the Indian Ocean. Diani Beach, KenyaTanya beeped the horn to alert the gatekeeper of our arrival. A local man hurried to the gate of Galu Lodge, Diani Beach, with that all-familiar, warm Kenyan smile. We all yelled 'Jambo!' and passed slowly down a short, winding dirt track. It was lush green and at the end was an enclave of several huge, colonial-style thatched houses. Tanya lived here? This made a mockery of the shanty, seaside apartment I'd envisaged. But I kept my revelations to myself as we got out of the car.

An enticing, paved path meandered between the houses and gardens, past a pool, down two steps and onto the white, powdery sand of the Indian Ocean. It was blissful paradise.Diani Beach, Kenya Coast

I took a stroll along the quiet, endless beach and discovered more and more of these magnificent places. Everything was well spaced; private homes alternated with holiday resorts and hotels so it didn't feel like a tourist area at all. I couldn't imagine any place in the world better than this tropical paradise.

The hotels and resorts we visited for meals, entertainment and a luxurious massage treatment, were out of this world. Most were rated four and five star hotels, but their prices were incredibly reasonable and certainly value for money.

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For example, the reception area of one such hotel was constructed on top of an aquarium! Huge Koi Carp were swimming around underfoot as we crossed the foyer. It was a surreal experience. Everywhere we turned, huge potted plants and trees traversed the lounges and open-air hallways. We were never quite sure if we were inside or out. Beautifully landscaped gardens flanked exotic rock pools and streams, which blended seemlessly into their wooded surroundings. The sounds of waterfalls and cicadas filled the moist earthy air and an occasional shrill chirp or screech resounded through the lush tropical gardens. We often spotted monkeys sneaking into the plushly furnished lounges, only to be chased out by keen-eyed staff. They served as a constant reminder of our extraordinarily exotic surroundings.
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